EI for Self-Employed Individuals

The Fairness for the Self Employed Act passed legislation allowing self-employed persons to pay EI premiums on a voluntary basis. This will give self-employed persons sick, maternity, parental, and compassionate care benefits.

The proposed date of commencement is January 2010. Self-employed individuals can then claim benefits by January 2011.

In order to qualify, self-employed individuals must meet the following requirements:

§ Begin the program one year prior to claiming benefits.
§ Can cancel the program at the end of any tax year, as long as they had never claimed benefits.
§ Have earned a minimum of $6,000 in self-employed earnings
§ Would pay the same premium rates as those who are not self-employed
§ Would have to contribute from self-employed earnings for the time they are self-employed, if they have claimed benefits.
§ Would not have access to EI regular benefits
§ Would not have to pay the employer portion of premiums.

As it is impossible to include all situations, circumstances and exceptions, contact Dustin for a further review or for further explanation. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information. However, because of the nature of the subject, no person or firm involved in the preparation or distribution of this commentary accepts any liability for its contents or use.

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